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ADCOM mobile phone specifications

ADCOM KitKat A35 (Specifications)

The Adcom KitKat A35 has much better reviews from users and much better than the Ikon 4 mobile phone which is a higher end mobile phone and is also listed on here. The Adcom KitKat A35 smartphone was introduced in September 2014 and came with a very small screen being a 3.5 inche screen with a low resolution 320 X 480 pixles. This is a budget phone in the Rs. 2,199 or USD 30 price range.

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ADCOM IKON 4 (Specifications)

The ADCOM IKON 4 is a mobile phone in the bottom end range which is mainly imported into India. Its reviews are not so good and the main complaints have been that it feels cheap and that the build quality is not very good. The mobile phone looks like the older iPhone designs but without the side buttons that you are used to. The phone only supports 3G however it will accept a 4 G SIM from Airtel. The phone does support Facebook and WhatsApp. The phone comes in two colours being gold and white.

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