Hard Reset Huawei Honor 4 Play

Hard ResetThis is the hard reset Huawei Honor 4 Play. If you wish to do a hard reset of the Huawei Honor 4 mobile phone then the two options for this reset has been added below. There is a factory reset option done manually and one done via the menu system which has also been added below. Note that making a backup is always a good idea. The Huawei range of mobile phone use the same procedures for most of their mobile phones such as the Huawei Ascend P1s and the Huawei P8 lite phones.

Hard Reset Huawei Honor 4 Play

Always backup your data first as the reset will remove your data, settings, phonebook as well as your photos and videos. You cannot recover the data once it has been done so be careful if you do not have the APN and other settings for the phone again. The Huawei Honor 4 Play is a very popular phone in Asia especially in India and it has also held its value well. This is why there is such as good second hand market for the mobile phone today.

Check the process below for the factory reset and proceed at your own risk as recovery of your data is impossible. Most resets are done because someone is selling the phone or you have bought a second hand phone.

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Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

Hard Reset Huawei Honor 4 Play (Manual)

Hard Reset Huawei Honor 4 Play

  1. Firstly turn Off the Huawei Honor 4 Play;
  2. Secondly press Volume Up + Power key and hold;
  3. The logo will come up after 10 seconds;
  4. Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset in the options;
  5. Press the Power Button to confirm;
  6. The next option on screen is the following;
  7. Delete All User Data;
  8. Confirm with the Power Button;
  9. Now select Reboot;
  10. In conclusion the process will now begin.

Hard Reset Huawei Honor 4 Play (Menu)

Hard Reset Huawei Honor 4 Play

  1. Firstly ensure that the phone has enough charge;
  2. Secondly turn on the phone and see the menu;
  3. Setting > Backup and reset  > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device
  4. Now press Erase Everything
  5. The phone will take a few minutes;
  6. In conclusion the factory rest has now been done.

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