Hard Reset LG G4 H815

Hard ResetDo you want to do a Hard Reset LG G4 H815? The LG G4 H815 mobile phone can be reset as shown below with these simple instructions. Note that a backup of the mobile phone is a very good idea as once the reset has been done you will not be able to recover the data again. Your photo’s, WiFi settings and other password will all be deleted permanently. You can search this website for other mobile phone resets as well as APN settings for your mobile phone provider.

Hard Reset LG G4 H815

You are best advised to backup your data from your phone with any software program for LG. There are a number of Hard Reset LG G4 H815software programs that allow you to backup your photos, mail, passwords and other data. Once the phone has been reset all that data will be gone. There is no way to recover the deleted data on the mobile phone. Note that the process is simple and there are two ways of doing the factory reset or hard reset on the LG range of phones. This is how to do a Hard Reset LG G4 H815.

The LG G4 H815 is much like other phones such as the LG Optimus F7 US780 as there is a menu reset as well as a button reset. You can check this for yourself as listed below. Look at the hard reset LG G3 A F410S below for more information. See also the lycamobile apn settings germany on here.

Factory Reset LG G4 H815 by Buttons

1.Ensure the phone is fully charged;
2.Hold the Volume Down + Power Keys down together;
3.The logo comes up;
4.Release the Power key and press the Power key again;
5.The Volume Key navigates to YES or NO;
6. Press the Power Button to confirm
7. Press the Volume Key again for confirmation, the rest will begin.


Factory Reset LG G4 H815 by Menu

1.Fully charge your mobile phone and turn it on;
2.Now go to menu: Settings;
3.Then go to Backup and Reset;
4.Click on Factory Data Reset;
5.Now click on Reset Device;
6.Choose Erase Everything. The phone will now reset to the  Factory Default.

The hard rest of the LG G4 H815 is rather easy to do. If you wish to keep your SDcard as is then you will need to remove this beforehand in the event you make an error with the reset. You can search this website for more factory resets on other mobile phones as well. Remember you do this at your own risk.



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