Hard Reset LG Tribute LS660

Hard ResetHard Reset LG Tribute LS660 now! The reset of the LG Tribute LS660 is a bit different from the other LG phones on the market. There are 2 ways of doing a factory reset or hard rest on the LG Tribute and there are the two options. The first and easiest is the menu system and the other is the reset via the buttons on the mobile phone. People tend to use the menu system of the mobile phone to do the hard reset. Note that once the data has been deleted you cannot recover it and this includes your settings, passwords, photos and other data on your LG Tribute LS660 phone.

Hard Reset LG Tribute LS660

Firstly you will need to ensure that you make a backup of your settings and files if you wish to use it again after the hard reset. This is not recoverable once the reset has been done. There are a number of software packages you can use to backup your LG mobile phone to your desktop computer. The instructions for the reset below are easy to follow and many decide to use the menu system as it is easy to see instead of using the buttons on the phone. You can also see the lycamobile internet settings germany on here as well as the apn lycamobile germany which is the same.

You do this at your own risk and you will need to ensure that you have fully charged the phone as you do not want it to stop once the process starts going.

Hard Reset LG Tribute LS660 by Buttons

1.Ensure that the battery fully charged;
2.Now Power Off the mobile phone;
3.Hold Volume Down + Power Key down together;
4.The Recovery Menu appears so release all the keys;
5.Select Factory Reset with the Volume Key and press Power Key to confirm;
6.Now select Yes – Delete User Data and Confirm;
7.The phone will now start the reset process.


Hard Reset LG Tribute LS660 by Menu

1.Turn on your mobile phone;
2.Ensure that the mobile phone is charged;
3.Go to the menu and click on Settings;
4.Now click on  Backup and reset;
5.Now click on  Factory Data Reset;
6.Click on  Reset Device
7.Choose Erase Everything and the phone will now reset on its own.



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