Hard Reset Sony Xperia XA Dual F3112

Hard ResetThere is only one method to reset the Sony Xperia XA Dual F3112 as it is not supported by the PC companion as yet. This might change as the software gets updated. You will note that this phone can only be reset by way of the menu system. This has been added below. If you wish to backup your data then you will need to find another method to do this.

Since the PC companion software does not work on this phone as yet you might want to search the internet for other mobile phone software that will allow you to back up the settings and data on the phone if you wish to reuse it later.

Note the settings listed below.


Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.


Hard Reset  Sony Xperia XA Dual F3112 with Menu

Hard Reset Sony Xperia XA Dual F3112
  1. Turn on your Sony Xperia XA Dual F3112;
  2. Make sure Sony Xperia XA Dual F3112 battery is full;
  3. Go to menu: Setting > Backup and reset  > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device
  4. Choose Erase Everything
  5. Sony Xperia XA Dual will reset to the factory default.

As you can see the hard reset on the mobile phone is easy to follow. It starts with settings then backup and reset. Always ensure that you have a backup before you erase everything. Once this completed, you will need to allow the phone to restart.

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