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The iVoomi company is a well known Chinese mobile company which also sells accessories for their mobile phones. The brand is owned by another company called Suntek Global which is a Hong Kong-based company. iVoomi offers many different mobile phones and you can see a list of them on this website. One of the latest mobile phones from them is the iVoomi Z1.

iVoomi Mobile Phones

Currently there are 16 different mobile phones from iVoomi which are on offer. The company entered the Indian market in March 2017 and has since grown. Their mobile phones do support Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India.

iVoomi Me4iVoomi Me 1+iVoomi Me 1iVoomi iV505
iVoomi Z1iVoomi iProiVoomi Innelo 1iVoomi i2 Lite
iVoomi V5iVoomi i2iVoomi i1siVoomi i1
iVoomi Me 3siVoomi Me 3iVoomi Me 2iVoomi Me5


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