Factory Reset of the Samsung Galaxy A3

Hard ResetIf you want to do a factory reset of the Samsung Galaxy A3 or a hard reset then you can follow the instructions below for the Samsung Galaxy A3. Note that this will erase everything on your mobile phone so ensure that you make a backup on the content of your mobile phone. Also note that once a reset has been done you cannot undelete the data again. This will remove all your data, photos as well as settings you might have.

Factory Reset of the Samsung Galaxy A3

Follow the settings below to reset your Samsung Galaxy A3. Ensure that you make a backup of the mobile phone settings as well as data before you do a factory reset on your mobile phone. This data cannot be recovered once the reset has been done. Also note that other settings for the Samsung Galaxy  A3 elsewhere on this website.

Samsung Galaxy A3 - Factory Reset1.

The settings above are easy to follow and the Samsung Galaxy A3 will now reset and move to its default factory settings on your mobile phone. There are other Samsung mobile phones on this website that can also be reset by you.


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