Hard Reset LG G3

Hard ResetNeed to hard reset LG G3? The hard reset of the LG G3 is well explained below. The following hard reset of the mobile phone also works for the LG G3 LTE-A as well as the LG F460 and also the factory reset of the LG G3 Prime mobile phone. You can search this website for more information on resetting your mobile phone. You will need to backup your data before you do a reset as it will remove all your settings and passwords for your mobile phone. This is normally done when the phone is being sold.

Hard Reset LG G3

The reset procedure below is the same for all three mobile phones. This will work on the LG G3 LTE-A as well as the LG Hard Reset LG G3F460 and also the factory reset of the LG Optimus F7 US780. You can search this website for other mobile phone settings from LG. Note that a factory reset or a hard reset can be done in two ways much like other LG mobile phones. These have been added below so you can now hard reset LG G3. You can also see how to see your hutch data balance.

There is a reset done via a menu and also a reset done with simply pushing the buttons on the mobile phone in a certain sequence. Note that a backup of your phone will be good as you cannot recover the data later. This is very important if you wish to use the data and settings on your mobile phone later. Now do a hard reset LG G3.

Hard Reset by Buttons

1.Ensure that the battery fully charged. Now backup all your data onto your computer;
2.Now Power Off the mobile phone;
3.Hold Volume Down + Power Key down together;
4.Release the  Power key, and press the Power key again;
5.Use the Volume Key to navigate to YES or NO;
6.Press the Power Button to confirm your selection.
7.Press the Volume Key to reselect your confirmation. Press the Power Button to confirm.


Hard Reset by Menu

1.Turn on your mobile phone;
2.Ensure that the mobile phone is charged;
3.Go to the menu and click on Settings;
4.Now click on  Backup and reset;
5.Now click on  Factory Data Reset;
6.Click on  Reset Device
7.Choose Erase Everything and the phone will now reset on its own.

Note that these settings will erase the data on the LG G3 LTE-A as well as the LG F460 and also the factory reset of the LG G3 Prime. You will also note that this will erase all your settings on your mobile phone. Always ensure that you have a backup of your settings as the wireless connections as well as your email and other data will be erased. You will erase your mobile phone at your own risk. See how to hard reset a LG mobile phone today!



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