LG PC Suite / PC Sync ver 5.3

The LG PC suite (also known as PC Sync for LG) now allows you the mobile phone user to connect your mobile phone to your computer with a cable and to synchronize data such as the calendar and contact information between the phone and a computer application such as Outlook. Note you need to have the LG United Mobile driver installed for this. The software is much like the Samsung PC Suite which connects the phone to the computer to backup all your data.

The LG PC Suite was released in May 2015 and can be used on the following operating systems – Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 as well as Windows 8. Its always good to make a backup of your mobile phone with all the contact details and pictures in the event that you drop or damage your mobile phone. Much like others software you can also use the internet kit which will allow you to connect to the internet from your mobile phone via your desktop PC connection. Note that you can do the following:

  • Bluetooth sync capabilities
  • Visualizing mobile’s screen in real-time on computer
  • LG account required
  • Organize and reproduce multimedia content on your computer
  • Sync data (media, calendar, contacts and bookmarks) from your device to your PC
  • Makes security backups of apps
  • Updates software automatically
  • Reproduce media on your PC from other device


You can download the software below. Note that this will only work on LG phones.


Released May 2015

Download LG PC Suite



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