USSD Codes for Vodafone Germany

ussd codesBelow you will find the USSD codes for Vodafone in Germany. You can also find the APN settings for Vodafone Germany listed on this website. The USSD codes may change from time to time. Simply enter these into your phone to check different services with these USSD codes for Vodafone.

There are a number of other mobile phone networks in Germany. These USSD codes for Vodafone in Germany are still valid and will only work on the Vodafone network in Germany.

USSD Codes for Vodafone Germany

All Tariffs
*100#Account Manager
*102#Cost inquiry of the last connection
*104#Balance Inquiry
Prepaid-Tariff CallYa
*100#Account Manager
*100*Aufladenummer#Direct charging with prepaid card
*106#Check account balance
*111*Rufnummer#CallYa CallBack (only in the roaming network) *
*123#Book CallNow advance
Vodafone Home
*130*100#Call forwarding to the mailbox
*130*200#Call acceptance on the mobile phone
*130*300#Automatic announcement “not available”
*131#Status Query
*132#Status indicator for activated Ultracards
*133#Set active SIM card for SMS reception

USSD Codes for Vodafone GermanyThe first table is the USSD codes which you would use the most. The first is to check your balance on your airtime The other will tell you what the cost of the last mobile phone call cost you. These are the most commonly used USSD codes. The second table is for the CallYa options with Vodafone Germany. These USSD codes allows you to use the CallYa callback on your prepaid mobile phone.

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The next table is the Vodafone Home which allows you to call forward to your mailbox as well as automatic “not available” status. There is also the status query. The final table is the Ultracards options of which there are only two. There is the status indicator as well as to set the active SIM for SMS reception. These are all the USSD codes for Vodafone Germany. Search this website for more USSD codes on this network as well as on other networks around the world. 


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