Nokia 206 Common Settings

These are the Nokia 206 common settings you should know. The following is the most commonly asked questions about the settings on the Nokia 206. You will note that there are 4 of the most common procedures listed below which you may find helpful. Other settings such as internet settings you can find elsewhere on this website including the user manual for the phone.

Nokia 206 Common Settings

Changing the Date and Time on the Nokia 206

If you travel around the world and need to change the mobile phone settings on the Nokia 206 then changing the date and time is the most common procedure. This process has been listed below.

Select Menu > Settings and Date and time.

Change the time zone when travelling

  1. Select Date & time settings > Time zone:.
  2. Now select the time zone of your location.
  3. Select Save.

Backup content to a memory card

Nokia 206 Common SettingsAs a result if you are changing phones or are going to do a factory reset on the Nokia 206 then you can make a backup of all your data before you reset the mobile phone. This can be done with the following procedure:

Select Menu > Settings > Sync & backup.

1. Select Create backup.

2. Now select what you want to back up, then select Done.

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Restore a backup Select Restore backup.

Hard reset the Nokia 206

  1. Firstly Press the Power Button until your phone turns on.
  2. Secondly press and hold the * key + 3 key + Call button + Power button.
  3. When you see the Nokia logo, release the buttons.
  4. Now enter your lock code. * The default lock code is 12345.
  5. The Nokia 206 will now reset and restart.

Note that this will delete all your data including internet settings, photos, videos and all other data you may have had on the phone. You can backup the data first if you wish which procedure has been added above.


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