Nokia 105 Predictive Text

mobile phone settingsThe predictive text settings for the Nokia 105 has been added below. It is very easy to setup the predictive settings and also turn off the settings on the phone. Always ensure that the phone has been fully charged before you start to change settings on a mobile phone.

Nokia 105 Predictive Text

Nokia 105

If these settings do not change you mobile phone then check the user manual for the Nokia 105 mobile phone. These are the most common settings for the Nokia 105 mobile phone and this is mainly due to the fact that the Nokia 105 has held its value and still very huge on the mobile phone market.

Note that you can also add words to the predictive text on the Nokia 105. Also see how to turn the predictive text on as a well as turn off the feature. The process is very easy to follow from the instructions which has been added below. Note that when adding words this is added to the dictionary of the mobile phone. Turning on the feature is basically disabling the text feature.

Search this website for more information on the Nokia 105 features such as the call settings and other features. There are others as well outside of the text feature on the mobile phone. Finally note the use of the # when looking at the settings.

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Nokia 105 Predictive Text

Select Options > Dictionary and the language.

Start writing a word. When the word you want is shown, press 0.

To change a word Press * repeatedly until the word you want is shown.


Add a new word to the dictionary

If the word you want isn’t in the dictionary, write the word, select Spell, and type in the word.

Switch between predictive and traditional text Press # repeatedly


Switch predictive text off

Select Options > Dictionary > Dictionary off.



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