Nokia 130 User Manual

See the Nokia 130 User Manual below. The Nokia 130 is another basic mobile phone released by Nokia in September 2014. This year saw Nokia bring to the market more basic mobile phones than before. This year also saw the release of the Nokia 225 and the Nokia 225 dual which are much like this phone being very basic in their options.

Nokia 130 User Manual

Clearly Nokia is aiming very broad with more third world countries coming into the digital age. The Nokia Lumia 520 is still however one of their most popular and best mobile phone to date.

Nokia 130 User ManualThe Nokia 130 is a basic phone with only 2G ability. It covers the GSM 900 / 1800 network range and nothing else. The design is also very basic with a TFT, 65K colors screen at 128 x 160 pixels. It has he standard jack as well as a loudspeaker. There is also only the option for Vibration and Polyphonic tones. The card slot is a microSD with up to 32 GB of storage. There is also GPRS, Bluetooth and microUSB v2.0. There is no EDGE with this phone and it also has no camera.

The internet access is also via WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML. It has a standby time of 864 hours and a talk time of 13 hours. We have added the user manual below if you wish to see before you buy. For the price it is a good phone and beats buying another second hand basic mobile phone.

The Nokia 130 is a very basic mobile phone and the user manual is best done by explanation. Below you will find the most common questions about the mobile phone which is normally found in the user manual. The user manuals of these phone are pretty useless so I am busy replacing all of them with proper explanations that are easy to understand as from October 2017. See the rest of the Nokia 130 user manual. Likewise also see the Nokia Lumia 1020 Manual.


– Set which SIM card to use

This is a dual SIM mobile phone and you will be able to make a choice between the SIM cards. The most common question is how to change SIM cards on this mobile phone. This is done as follows:

Select Menu > Settings > Dual SIM settings.
To choose which SIM to use for calls, Select Default SIM for calls and then the SIM you want to use.
To choose which SIM to use for messages, Select Default SIM for msgs on the SIM you want to use.

– Change the volume on the Nokia 130

The volume on this mobile phone is very easy to change. Look at the picture below.

Press on the Left Side (1) of the button for low volume and press on the Right Side (2) of the button to increase the volume.

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Nokia 130 Volume settings

– Changing the wallpaper on the Nokia 130

To change the wallpaper on the Nokia 130 you will need to do the following. You can do this by selecting:

Menu > Settings > Display settings > Wallpaper

You will now be able to click on the wallpaper of your choice. This will become the new background of the phone.

– Change the ringtone on the Nokia 130

To change the ringtone on the Nokia 130 is very easy.First start with the menu:

Menu > Settings > Tone settings.

Now the phone might ask for a SIM and you will need to select a SIM that will be associated with this ringtone. You can hence setup a ringtone for each SIM.  Many use one SIM for business and the other SIM for personal calls. You can allow a different ringtone for your business or home like this. You may or may not have this option. Now select the ringtone you want for the SIM and clock on OK. This will now be saved for this SIM card.

– Writing text on the phone

You can repentantly press a character on your phone in order to write a message. In order to type in a space you can add  0. or if you wish to add a special character then you can press *. which will give you further options. If you wish to change the case of the letter from CAPITALS to lower then simply type in  #. which will change this for you. To add a number simply press on the number and hold it in for than one to add a number to your sentence. Likewise see the Nokia Lumia 810 Manual.

– Predictive text

The phone has a built-in dictionary which can be used to predict what you might want to type. Note that this option in not available in all languages.

Select Opt. > Dictionary and the language.

Once you type in your language the words are shows that you want. Then simply Press 0 (zero) to select. If you wish to change the word then Press * (asterisk) until the word you want is shown. If the word you want is not shown then keep pressing the * until you reach the end and then type in Spell  then add the word you want. You cans witch between predictive text by repeatedly pressing the # button between predictive text and traditional text. You can also turn it off as follows:

Select Opt. > Dictionary > Dictionary off

Making Telephone Calls

Simply type in the telephone number you want. If you want to make an international telephone call then you have to press * button twice. This will add the traditional ++ of the international telephone numbers on for you automatically. Remember this when you place an international number into your phone book. Once you have typed in your number then you will need to press the button below shows as “A”. Since this is a dual SIM phone you will need to specify which SIM to use. To end your call press “B”. To answer telephone calls you will also need to press “A”.

– Save a name and phone number

In order to save a number you will need to do the following:

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Select Menu > Contacts > Add contact.

It will ask where to save the contact as its is a Dual SIM mobile phone. Normally people save the contacts according to which SIM is used for what. You can also give each person a different ringtone.  You can also save numbers when you phone to receive a call by press Opt. and then pressing SAVE on the menu option.

– Send and receive messages

Sending a message on the Nokia 130 is easy as Menu > Messages then Select Create message and Write your message. If you wish to add a smiley you will need to press Opt. > Insert options to insert any of these characters in. There are two ways to send the message. The first is  Opt. > Send and the other is by pressing “A” button as shown above in the picture. To read your messages you will need to press Menu > Messages > Inbox and it is as easy as that.

– Multimedia

Menu > Music > Music player then select Opt. > All songs.

Menu > Radio

Menu > Videos

In order to change the speed, fast forward or backwards you must use the  scroll key up or down to do this. Likewise also read the article on the change your ringtone on  Nokia Asha 501.

– Other Facilities

You can set the alarms clock on the phone as explained below. Note however that there is a limitation of 5 alarms. You can select the hours and minutes by using the “Scroll Keys” as shown above in the Multimedia section explanation.

Menu > Clock > Set alarms

You can set a Calendar date as explained below.

Menu > Extras > Calendar now selected a date and Opt. > Add reminder and simply add your text. Now select alarm on or off which will give you a reminder by a ringtone. If you want to remove a calendar event then simply click on View Today then Opt. and delete the entry.

You can change the date and time as follows on the Nokia 130 mobile phone.

Menu > Settings > Time settings 

Clock –  Clock > Set the time (Use the scroll keys as shows above to change this by up and down)

Date – Date setting (Use the scroll keys as shows above to change this by up and down)

– Bluetooth and SLAM

If you want to share contacts with another phone via Bluetooth then select a contact and then press the Options key then Select Share > Via SLAM. The contacts will now be transferred via the Bluetooth on the Nokia 130 mobile phone.

To copy all your data onto your computer you must first select mass storage on your phone and from your computer you will browse to the phone as it will show on your computer as a hard drive or storage device. You can simply copy and paste from there.

– Hard Reset of the Nokia 130

You can hard reset your Nokia 130 by typing in the following which will do a hard reset and reset the phone back to its factory settings. Note that this will remove all the data from your phone including APN settings as well as your phone book. Use this with great care as you cannot recover the data later.  *#7370#

If you wish to check your mobile phones IMEI as the network might require this then simply dial  *#06# and it will return your IMEI of the phone.

Also one last issue, the Nokia 130 does come with the option to vibrate as it is in the menu system. This is the end of the Nokia 130 user manual. Likewise also see the Nokia 105 Call Settings and Nokia 225 Dual SIM Manual.



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