Nokia 6150 Review

The Nokia 6150 was the next step in mobile phone evolution from Nokia. Each mobile phone which they brought out added a new dimension to the mobile phone industry over a very short period of time. The 6150 brought dual band to the market. This was the first step towards multi-band phones.

The design of the Nokia 6150 was much the same as the Nokia 6130 phone. The specs on the phone was also very much the same. Much like its predecessor the phone used a mini-sim and came in at 141 g. Nokia 6150 ReviewThere was also the standard monochrome screen with 5 lines of text. The phone book was sightly bigger at 150 entries but the 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls call checking ability remained the same.

The phone also came what was then standard being an infra-red port and the then standard “Organizer” for the mobile phone. The Li-Po 600 mAh battery (BPS-1) on the phone was not bad and still good today giving you an hour of talk time but a stand-by time of 3 days. This was another major jump which Nokia started at the time – better battery technology.

The phone was a really good and solid build from Nokia. The battery on average lasted 8 years not like the batteries they make today. You can still buy these on Ebay as this phone had been discontinued years ago. The phone still gets a good price on Ebay as a second-hand unit. See the rest of the Nokia Evolution Series on this website for more information about how the mobile phones evolved over time.

There should be a sidebar link when the series is complete. It should make for a good read for those who are interested in how the world of mobile phones has changed over the past 15 years through the Nokia series of mobile phones.


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