Nokia 8110 Review

The year is 1998 and Nokia evolves its mobile phones shape from the Nokia 3110 into the new Nokia 8110. Funny thing about the phone is that it came with a keyboard cover and went back to the capabilities of the Nokia 2110 which only had limited telephone number address memory.

I was not certain why this was done but I would assume cost was the main factor. It was a mixture of the two previous mobile phones they had brought out. Much like the other two mobile phones the Nokia 8110 was 2G or GSM 900 with its standard monochrome graphic screen. The phone retained its light weight at 152 g (5.36 oz) and a mini-sim. The phone book was a step back with 125 telephone memory as Nokia 8110 Reviewwell as 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls call records. The phone however brought something new to the market – – conference calling (1+5 persons). This was new and set a new trend within the mobile phone industry.

I think for the first time the industry saw the possibilities of the mobile phone in its use by business. The ability to have a meeting via mobile phone with more than 2 people. Mobile phones even though you might not think of it now was then seen not as an telephone but as a business tool. Today we have many other abilities such as “Google Hangouts” but when you look back in history of the telecoms industry it was the Nokia 8110 that was the first hardware made to make it a reality. Conferencing calls and meetings from around the world became a reality. The Nokia 8110 was in my view the trend setter for what was to come. All of this in 1998, more than 17 years ago.

One of the most interesting phones that nobody today really talks about. It was a massive trend setter. Even the cover over the keyboard evolved as you will find on this website into the clam-shell phone they brought out later. Nokia was always at the front of these even though today I am sad to say that they have lost that trend-setting ability.

The Nokia 8110 also came with a Li-Ion 400 mAh battery with a 1 hour talk-time and it only needed to be charged once a day. Long live the memory of the Nokia 8110!


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