Nokia Lumia 520 – Calls & Messaging

This is the Nokia Lumia 520 – calls & messaging settings. You can find the basic settings and how to for calling and messaging with the Nokia Lumia 520 mobile phone. Dialling numbers, contacts setup as well as call forwarding and how to save contacts from a call you had received.  See at the bottom other options with this mobile phone and you can also find the main website here for the Lumia 520.

Nokia Lumia 520 – Calls & Messaging

Making Calls on the Lumia 520

Making Calls on the Lumia 520

There are two ways to make a telephone call from the Lumia 520. The first is via the address book and the other is a direct calls from the keypad.

– Tap on the phone icon then tap address book and select the call to make;

– Tap on the phone icon and then type in the keypad the phone number you want to call.

– Tap the telephone number from a document. Highlight the number and copy and past into your keypad.

Tap the last call from the telephone call history and tap on the number to call it again or delete it from your telephone history.

Tap on the last call in the history and add to your address book on your phone.


Making Conference Calls on Lumia 520

Making Conference Calls on the Lumia 520

If you wish to make a conference call then you can do it by calling the first person. Once connected you simply have to press the arrow button and the up button when you wish to make all the calls join. Note that this is network dependent but the Lumia 520 does have the facilities for this.

Note from the graphic that you can also tap on private and it will place everyone on hold while only the person you want to speak to will be able to hear you. The others will not be able to hear what you speak until you end the private call in the conference call.

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Forward Calls on Lumia 520 to another phone

You have the option of forwarding calls from your phone to a voicemail box or to another phone. As can be seen below you can set the options even further depending on the circumstances.

Settings > Network+ > Set > Call Settings

Lumia 520 Call Settings

Your final options are to forward all calls, when you dont answer or when you are busy or when you cant be reached. The call forward settings are easy enough to understand simply by following the pictures.

Forward calls to your voicemail

If you want to use this then you will need to contact your mobile phone service provider as they have to offer a voicemail service in order to use this on your mobile phone. You will need to get the voicemail number from your provider and then have this handy when you insert the settings to the phone.

Phone> > > Settings

Voice Mail Nokia 520The settings option will not require your voicemail number which you got from your service provider. Once this has been setup you will need to look at the top where you set the call forwarding and set the call forwarding to the voicemail box. If need you might have to switch on use default voicemail number for the mobile phone. Note that the voicemail will normally have a password. If you want to check your voicemail then you should click on the phone and then click on voicemail and it will call the voicemail number after you enter the password.


A good example of setting up Voicemail is from the AT&T mobile phone network.

– Type in your password and it normally needs the # sign after the password;

– Once you have listened to your messages it takes you back to the main menu;

– To change your personal settings Tap 4

– The voice prompts will provide you with the options;

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This is a basic overview of the AT&T mobile phone network in the US. Your numbers and options may not be the same but it gives you a good idea as to how it will work in your country. The basics will still be the same so it should be easy to do. Note the Voicemail icon needs to be pressed to get to the voicemail on your mobile phone.


Note that you can add contacts to your address book on your phone in a number of ways. The first is from a reciting call and the other is by adding them manually. Note the buttons for add, edit and save listed on the bar below this.


Adding contacts manually to the Lumia 520

Tap People and then swipe to all on your phone;
– Now Tap (the add button);
Tap a contact details and fill in the fields and Tap (the save button)

Edit contacts manually to the Lumia 520

Tap the contact and Tap (the edit button) now edit or add details.

Delete a contact

Tap the contact you wish to delete and > delete.

Save a number from a received call

Tap on the phone icon;
– Now Tap on the call history list and Tap the phone number then (click the save button);
Tap (the edit button), edit the phone number and phone number type, and Tap (the save button);
Tap and Edit other contact details and tap (the save button).

Save a number from a received Text Message

Tap the Messaging icon;
Tap on the conversations list and Tap on a conversation;
– Now Tap on the top of the conversation screen and then Tap the phone number and Tap (the save button);
Tap (the edit button), edit the phone number and phone number type, and then Tap (the save button).



Setup the Lumia 520 for text messaging

Setup the Lumia 520 for text messaging
– Tap the message icon;
– Tap the dots in the bottom right corner;
– Tap settings;
– Key in +000000000000 and press save;
(Your service providers SMSC number)
  1. Find and tap Phone.
  2. Type *#*#4636#*#*.
  3. Tap Phone information.
  4. Scroll down to SMSC.

– Tap the field below “SMS centre number“;

– Tap save

Lumia 520 Settings

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