Lumia 520 Writing Text

The Lumia 520 writing text is explained below. If you are using a Lumia 520 mobile phone then you might find the article below interesting as it shows how to use the keyboard, write text as well as how to change the language settings o the Nokia Lumia 520. See the main page for the mobile phone listed here.

Lumia 520 Writing Text

Lumia 520 Change Language Settings

You can change the language settings on the mobile phone as seen below. Some of the keyboards will need to be installed after being downloaded so ensure that the mobile phone is connected to the internet or has access to the internet when you start the process. The sequence for the changing of the keyword is as follows:

Settings> Keyboard >Add Keyboards

Lumia 520 Change Language Settings

You will need to restart the phone once the new language has been added or changed. If you want to change between languages afterwords then you can simply tap on the language key to change the language of the keyboard. The language key only shows when there is more than one language installed on the phone.

Copy and Paste Text in Lumia 520

If you want to copy and paste text from the internet or from another document or email then you can see the example added below. Touch a word in the sentence or text which you wish to copy.

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Note now that there are two brackets on the sides of the word. Now simply touch the right bracket and simply stretch it to the end of the text you wish to copy to another document. Then touch the left bracket again and drag that to the beginning of the text you wish to copy to another document. Now once the entire text or sentence that you wish to copy has been highlighted, you simply need to click on the “document icon” on top of the text as seen in the picture. This will copy all the text you highlighted now and add it into the phones memory. Now you need to go where you want the text pasted such as an email or document and open this new document. You will see that there is an icon again on the bottom bar. You will need to click in the document where you want to past the text and simply click on the icon and it will paste the text where you wanted it.


Lumia 520 Settings

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