Vietnamobile Voice Mail Service Setup

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is how-to-e1542992325421.jpgIf you are a tourist in Vietnam then you might be interest in the tourist SIM in Vietnam as well as the APN settings and how to setup APN settings in Vietnam. Voicemail is another service however you have to pay for this and below we will show how to do this in Vietnam.

Vietnamobile Voice Mail Service

We will explain how to enable the service as well as how to disable the voicemail service in Vietnam. Note that there is a tariff for this and it will auto renew. The cost at present is 6,000 VND/30 days. Note also that this works on a 30 day cycle and not a monthly cycle. 

How to setup Voicemail service in Vietnam

  1. Register the service: Type DK VM and send this to 345
  2. Cancel the service: Type HUY VM and send this to 345 

You can now check your voicemail by dialling  2828 which there is no charge for. You will have to record your name as it will replace you mobile phone number with your name when people leave a message on your voicemail. 

You can also call your voicemail from another mobile phone by calling 0923452828 and you will need to have a password. To setup your password you will need to call your own number, while listening to your mailbox greeting, press * twice and then key in password.


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