Factory settings for Nokia Asha 210

mobile phoneThese are the factory settings for Nokia Asha 210 which is a hard reset. If you want to rest your Nokia 210 internet settings back to its factory settings then there are 3 ways to reset the phone. The last is the easiest of them all so also the most common way of resetting your Nokia back to its default factory settings. Follow the instructions below.

Factory settings for Nokia Asha 210

You will note that there are 3 ways to do this and that method 3 is the easiest of them all. This will rest all your settings back to the default values which the phone came with when you bought it. You will need to enter all the settings again such as your internet settings and memory settings you might have changed before the rest back to factory settings. Likewise see also the Nokia 210 Internet Settings on here.

If you do not know what those values are then write them down before you start the reset process as the settings cannot be recovered once you have reset the phone. Likewise see also the Nokia Asha 210 memory card on here as well as the hard reset nokia 501.


Nokia Asha 210 reset code

This is the nokia restore factory code as well as the how to reset nokia asha without security code.

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Factory settings for Nokia Asha 210

  • Turn off the phone by pressing and holding the Power button
  • Next open up dialer by pressing the Call key
  • Tap in the following code “* + 3”
  • Release the buttons and the Nokia logo will appear
  • Now confirm factory reset by pressing the Call key


  • The mobile phone will now restart
  • Your phone has now been reset.


Nokia 210 reset code

  • Turn on the handset

Factory settings for Nokia Asha 210

  • Tap in the following code : *#7370#
  • Press the lock code (default is 12345)
  • The phone will now reset


Hard Reset for Nokia Asha 210 (Third Method)

This is the easiest of the reset procedures for the Nokia Asha 210.

  • Settings -> Phone -> Phone management -> Factory Settings -> Delete data and restore
  • Confirm reset
  • Thats it

This is how you complete a hard reset of the Asha 210 as well as a soft reset of the Asha 210. Likewise also see the mobile contact backup on here as well as the Factory Reset Nokia Asha 308.


Kode Nokia 210

The default security code is 12345 for the Asha 210 Nokia phones. Now should you enter the incorrect security code five times in succession, then normally the phone will ignore further entries of the code. Wait for five minutes and enter the code again.


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