Nokia Asha 210 Memory Card Settings

The Nokia Asha 210 memory card settings are very basic and this should solve most of the issues. If your Nokia 210 does not have a SIM card in then you can buy one and insert the SIM card in the back of the phone. Simply insert the card into the slot and then turn the phone around to format the card. You can see the manual for this listed here.

Nokia Asha 210 Memory Card Settings

Once you look at the screen you will note that the home screen has an “options” settings. You will need to click on this. Then choose “Format Nokia Asha 210 Memory Card SettingsMemory Card”. If you have done this then you simply need to click under the “options” settings, “Memory Card Name”.

Should you now want to move your files from the phone memory to the card memory then you simply need to press on the save option on the file and save to the memory card. This is a good option when you are running out of memory on your mobile phone. Once you have done this it will make a new popup asking if you wish to save all future files to the card memory. Click yes when this option presents itself.

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