Gmobile Vietnam USSD Settings

Gmobile is another mobile phone provider in Vietnam. They are similar to Vietnamobile however they do not charge for some services. These are some of the basic settings and services for Gmobile in Vietnam. Always check on their website for the latest news and updates. You can find the APN settings for Gmobile in Vietnam on other pages on this website.

Gmobile Vietnam USSD Settings


Gmobile PIN and PUK codes are important. The PUK is there to unlock the PIN. If you get your PIN number wrong 3 times then the phone will be locked and you would need the PUK for this. If the PUK is wrong 10 times the SIM will be locked. If you are having problems with the PIN then it would be beast to call the Gmobile Customer Service Center. 

Lost SIM

If you lost your SIM then you will need to call 199 and press number 6 in order to lock the SIM. Within 2 days you will need to go to an authorised shop to change the SIM. This works well if you lost your mobile phone and wish to keep your balance.

Personal Information

If you wish to check the ownership of the mobile phone you can send SMS with content “TTTB” to 1414 or press *1414#OK

Gmobile Vietnam Basic Services

Unlimited SMS

You can use unlimited SMS messages in Vietnam on the Gmobile network for a fee of 1,000 VND per day as well as a 1000 VND registration fee. You can setup this from your mobile phone. 

  • You can easily register to use «Unlimited SMS» by press *140*2# (  or send SMS ON to 140.
  • To de-activate the service, press *140*1# (  or send SMS OFF to 140.
  • To check status, press *140*3# ( or send SMS CHECK to 140.
See also  Error Code 80181197

UNLIMITED Mobile Internet

There is a registration charge of 1,000 VND as well as a 1,500 VND daily charge. There is also a monthly option of 20,000 VND per month. The basic settings are listed below.


  • To activate Daily Unlimited GPRS, dial *144*2# Call or Send SMS ON to 144.
  • To de-activate the service, dial *144*1# Call  or send SMS OFF to 144.
  • To check status, dial *144*3#  Call  or send SMS CHECK to 144.


  • To activate Monthly UNLIMITED Mobile Internet dial *145*2# Call  or send SMS ON to 145.
  • To de-activate the service, dial *145*1#  Call  or send SMS OFF to 145.
  • To check status, dial *145*3#  Call  or send SMS CHECK to 145.

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