Asha 200 – Connectivity (Bluetooth & Cable)

settingsBelow you will note that Connectivity of the Asha 200 with Bluetooth as well as wireless connections and cable to computer connections. If you have an Asha 200 then you might want to consider your options and also check the settings from your home and your provider if you are using wireless communications such as Bluetooth. See the basic settings below for the Asha 200.

Asha 200 – Bluetooth

Bluetooth can be used to connect to other devices such as wireless speakers as well as other mobile phones. You can copy your contents from one phone to another using Bluetooth as it has been explained here under the topic – Asha 200 backup of data, which can also be read on this website. you must be within 10 meters of the device for it to get a connection.

  • Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth > On

If you want to connect a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speakers to the phone then the process is as follows:

  • Switch the headset on;
  • Select Conn. to audio access;
  • Select the headset. If the headset is not in the list then select New search;
  • Some connections may require a password, so have that handy.

Sending content to another device using Bluetooth

You can see the article on making a backup of the Asha 200 on this website as it shows how to do this via the Bluetooth option.

  • Now select the item to send.
  • Select Options > Send > Via Bluetooth.
  • Select the device to connect to send

Regular Bluetooth Connections

You can setup a regular connection such as a headset or speakers as follows:

  • Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth and Paired devices.
  • Options > Settings > Auto-connect > Yes.

Protect your phone with Bluetooth

  • Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth
  • Select Device visibility > Hidden

Nobody can see the Bluetooth connection except for the paired devices. This is very important for your privacy as well as security for your phone. You can deactivate Bluetooth on your mobile phone by selecting Bluetooth > Off. Do not accept pair connections from unknown devices.

Asha 200 – Cable

You can copy your content from your phone to your computer. There are three options for these once you plug the USB cable into your computer.

  • Nokia Suite — Nokia Suite is installed on your computer;
  • Media transfer — There is no Nokia Suite installed and you you want to connect your phone to a home entertainment system or printer;
  • Mass storage — Nokia Suite is not installed on the computer. The phone is displayed as a portable device on your computer.


  • To copy the content, use the file manager of the computer.
  • To copy your contacts, music files, videos, or pictures, use Nokia Suite.


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