Nokia 206 Bluetooth Settings

mobile phone settingsThese are the Nokia 206 Bluetooth Settings. The Nokia 206 can have it colour changed as follows. Also note that we have added other settings below with the colour settings. There are already articles on how to setup your internet on the Nokia 206 which you can read here as well as here. You can search this website for more information on the Nokia 206 settings which is a very popular mobile phone in the Asia Pacific Rim countries.

Nokia 206 Bluetooth Settings

1.Press the Menu key on the Nokia 206.
2.Now Scroll to and select Settings.
3.Scroll to and select Connectivity.
4.Select Bluetooth as an option.
5.Scroll to and select Connect to audio acc..
6.Bluetooth will be switched on and the device will start searching for devices.
7.Scroll to the required headset device and press the Connect key.
8.Connecting to will appear briefly.
9.Press the OK key.
10.The selected Bluetooth device is now connected and ready to use.

These are all issues with settings. The Nokia 216 internet settings is well explained. There is the usual Nokia 7 plus wifi problem which means to check your settings again. There is also the Nokia 501 keypad setup. There is also the Nokia mobile Bluetooth issues. See also the Nokia 225 language settings issues. The Nokia memory full delete some data is another.


Nokia 206 Bluetooth SettingsYou can search this website for more information on the Nokia 206 mobile phone. Note however that the Nokia 206 does not have WiFi as it was not included in the mobile phones original design. If you follow these steps then you can connect any Bluetooth device to the phone. These instructions are very easy to follow.

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