Airtel SMS & USSD Codes

sms codesThese are the Airtel SMS & USSD Codes. If you are in India and use Airtel then the APN settings for Airtel is listed on this website. The SMS as well as the USSD codes for Airtel have been added below. You will note that the codes are similar to other networks such as Aircel and others.

The USSD codes are far more popular than the SMS globally as it is easier to remember as well as the fact that many networks use the same USSD codes. As an example the *121* USSD code used by the Airtel networks are also the same to check your balance on the True Network in Thailand. As stated check your network USSD codes and it might also work on foreign networks as well as local networks.

USSD Codes

See – 2019 Airtel updated USSD Codes

Airtel SMS Codes Settings

 These are the SMS codes for the Airtel networks in India. Note that there are also the more popular USSD codes at the bottom which has many more options than the SMS codes.

 Due amount  OT  121
 Current usage  UNB  121
 Payments  PMT  121
 Bill Sumary  BILL  121
 Current bill plan  BP  121
 Stop e-bill  STOP EBILL  121
 Mobile internet settings  M0  54321
 Address of nearest Airtel Relationship Centre  ARC< Pincode>  121
 Activate 3G  3G  121
 Mobile number portability  PORT  1909
 Start any service  START  121
 Stop any service  STOP 121
 Full Talktime offers  MRP FULLTT  51619


Airtel USSD Codes Settings

Note the USSD codes for Airtel India. You will also note that these codes might works on other networks both local and foreign. Check their website for more information on Airtel.

Due Amount *121*1#
Unbilled Amount *121*2#
Data Packs *121* 11#
Start service *121*4#
Stop service *121*5#
Best offers 121*1# or *121#
Missed call Alert Service *888#
Balance *123#
2G Net Balance *123*10# or *123*7#
3G Net Balance *123*11#
SMS Packs *555# or *777#
Special offers *222#
 GPRS service  *567#
Daily 2G net pack *555*2#
Balance Transfer *141#
Value Added Services *121*4#
Last 5 Transactions *121*7#
SMS Balance *123*2#
Airtel Live Services *321#



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