How to activate do not disturb in Airtel

How to activate do not disturb in Airtel? If you dont want to be disturbed on the Airtel network then you can use use the USSD codes to do this. The process is explained below and you can follow the easy to use procedures as explained below. There are a number of options to activate the do not disturb option on Airtel. Note the other USSD codes for Airtel on this website including an Airtel data loan or an Airtel talktime loan for prepaid users.

How to activate do not disturb in Airtel

You will note that the X stands for the service you wish to block. These are listed below so add different ones you do not want. X is for one service just as X,X means two services etc. The SMS code is as follows:


SMS as Stop X or X, X to 1909 or call 1909.


SMS as STOP to 1909

These are the categories to block. There are a few things to note about this service being the Do not disturb from Airtel. This will not block your solicited calls or communications such as bank alerts, banking confirmations, online bookings or other services. Once activated you will get a confirmation within 24 hours and it takes a week for the activation to work. Note also that there is a 7 day delay between the DND request and registration for a new request.Note also finally that the 1909 number does not have any charges.

DND Category DND Description Registration Deregistration
Fully Blocked Full Block Of All Categories START 0 to 1909 STOP 0 to 1909
Partial Blocked 1 – SMS relating to Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards START 1 to 1909 STOP 1 to 1909
2 – SMS relating to Real Estate START 2 to 1909 STOP 2 to 1909
3 – SMS relating to Education START 3 to 1909 STOP 3 to 1909
4 – SMS relating to Health START 4 to 1909 STOP 4 to 1909
5 – SMS relating to Consumer goods and automobiles START 5 to 1909 STOP 5 to 1909
6 – SMS relating to Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT START 6 to 1909 STOP 6 to 1909
7 – SMS relating to Tourism and Leisure START 7 to 1909 STOP 7 to 1909

This is How to Activate Airtel DND on the Airtel network.


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