Dialog Sri Lanka Recharge Code

MMS settingsThe Dialog Sri Lanka USSD codes in Sri Lanka has been added below. See Dialog balance check code below as well as the Dialog recharge code. See also how to check Dialog number. Note that the APN settings for Dialog has also bee added to this website so look on the sidebar for the link or simply use the search button. The USSD codes below will do a number of things for you however you need to first setup the SMS settings for Dialog to get onto the network first. These are the latest USSD settings for the network.

Dialog Sri Lanka USSD Codes

ServiceUSSD CodeSMS / Call
Owner Identity#132#
Balance  ( Prepaid )*#456# 456
Balance  ( Postpaid )*#456# 456
Reload card/Recharge*#123#cardNumber#
Customer careCall to 678 or 0777678678

You will see the customer service number as well as the Dialog recharge code which requires the card. There is also the Dialog balance check code. This is both for the post paid being phones on contract as well as those that are prepaid cards. You can also check your phone identity as shown above. How to check dialog number then see this below and above. You can see how to check dialog number on the network.

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Dialog balance check code


Dialog balance check codeIf you want to check your balance on the Dialog network. Then you can find the Balance check code here. These are all part of the Dialog Sri Lanka USSD codes but this can be done with the USSD code or SMS code to check your balance on Dialog. See the codes below as to how to complete this.


Balance check code ( Prepaid ) USSD *#456# / SMS 456

Balance check code ( Postpaid ) USSD *#456# / SMS  456

Recharge Dialog *#123#cardNumber#

Dialog recharge code


Dialog recharge codeThe Dialog recharge code requires the card and then to follow the process. You will need to add the card in the following what when your recharge your mobile phone. This is  *#123#YourCardNumber# You can see that it starts with the * and then ends with the #. This is as follows:


Reload card/Recharge: *#123#cardNumber#

How to check Dialog number


How to check Dialog numberIf you want to check your phone number. This can be done when you use the following USSD code. So now you know how to check your Dialog number. This is the Dialog number check code so test it today and see what you telephone number is. Yes the Dialog balance check number has now been explained.

Dialog number check code: (USSD Code) #132#

Dialog APN settings for Internet

Check Data BalanceType myuse and SMS to 678
Buy Data package (Prepaid)#678#

How to setup SMS on the Dialog mobile phone network

You must setup the Message Centre Number before you send a short message. You have to preset a Message Centre number (+9477000003). This set-up process is a one-time effort. Generally, the steps are as follows; please use them together with your hand phone manual if necessary:

  • Step 1: Enter Menu Mode on your handset
  • 2: Select MESSAGES
  • 3: Now Select WRITE MESSAGES
  • 4: Select MESSAGES SETTINGS (for some hand phone models if necessary)
  • 5: Now Select option for MESSAGE SERVICE CENTRE number or its equivalent
  • 6: Enter Message Centre Number: +9477000003
  • 7: Confirm selection
  • 8: Select EXIT or QUIT
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Dialog Sri Lanka USSD CodesYou must follow this process so, if you followed the process above to change your SMS settings then good. The APN settings have already been listed elsewhere on this website. Speak to them if you do not get the result from the settings that you are looking for. Search this website for more information. Note that these do change from time to time however these are the most resent information for the mobile phone network of Hutch in Sri Lanka.


Dialog Data Code 

Dialog now offers free data, credit and SMS to customers with a low balance. This does not need to be paid back and it is a temporary offer. You will need to activate the free data from Dialog as follows.

D2D Voice – 250 Mins
D2D SMS – 250 SMS
Anytime Data – 1GB
Validity – 7 Days

In order to get your free data dial #006# to get this offer now

You cannot take the offer again during the 7 day period once activated. When the free data has expired you can reactivate by dialing #006#

This would be offered till further notice.

(Updated October 2020)


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