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Dialog Sri Lanka USSD Codes

MMS settingsThe USSD codes for the Dialog mobile phone network in Sri Lanka has been added below. Note that the APN settings for Dialog has also bee added to this website so look on the sidebar for the link or simply use the search button. The USSD codes below will do a number of things for you however you need to first setup the SMS settings for Dialog to get onto the network first. These are the latest USSD settings for the network.

Dialog Sri Lanka USSD Codes

Service USSD Code SMS / Call
Owner Identity #132#
Balance  ( Prepaid ) *#456#  456
Balance  ( Postpaid ) *#456#  456
Reload card/Recharge *#123#cardNumber#
Customer care Call to 678 or 0777678678

Dialog APN settings for Internet

Name Dialog
APN DialogBB
Check Data Balance Type myuse and SMS to 678
Buy Data package (Prepaid) #678#

How to setup SMS on the Dialog mobile phone network

You must setup the Message Centre Number before you send a short message. You have to preset a Message Centre number (+9477000003). This set-up process is a one-time effort. Generally, the steps are as follows; please use them together with your hand phone manual if necessary:

Step 1: Enter Menu Mode on your handset
Step 2: Select MESSAGES
Step 4: Select MESSAGES SETTINGS (for some hand phone models if necessary)
Step 5: Select option for MESSAGE SERVICE CENTRE number or its equivalent
Step 6: Enter Message Centre Number: +9477000003
Step 7: Confirm selection
Step 8: Select EXIT or QUIT



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