Nokia 210 Memory Error with Whatsapp

mobile phoneThis the Nokia 210 Memory Error with Whatsapp. If you have a Nokia Asha 210 and you are getting memory errors when you are running Whatsapp then the usual problem is that you are using the incorrect memory settings on your phone. This causes Whatsapp to crash as it is out of memory.

The normal error would be  – “download / update is stopped. Please try again later”. Change the memory settings and this would normally fix the problem.

  1. Ensure that you have a memory card installed
  2. Change phone memory to memory card
  3. Camera>settings> change to memory card

The problem with apps and other software is that the Nokia 210 does not allow you to download onto the card but onto the phone memory. You have to download the app and then move the app to the card memory.

  1. Open apps>navigate the light on a app and press option
  2. Move to-(1)memory.

Now move all your games and other software onto the card and this will free-up your memory. You can also use the following options:

  • Options > Settings > Memory in use

You need to look at the menu system and find the settings. The two options above should remove all the unneeded applications from your mobile phone. This the Nokia 210 Memory Error with Whatsapp and how to fix it with this solution.



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