Nokia Asha 309 Manual

The Nokia Asha 309 comes standard with 2G network access, mini SIM and 20MB of memory. There is also a basic 2MP camera on the mobile phone and it has a music playtime of about 40 hours. The design is much nicer however it is the same features and price range of the more block-looking Nokia 206 mobile phone. The user guide is listed below so download it and see the features of this phone before you decide on which phone.

Note that this phone only has 2G connectivity as it is a basic mobile phone. Its has GPRS (Up to 85.6 Nokia Asha 309kbps) as well as EDGE (Up to 236.8 kbps). The phone comes with a TFT capacitive touchscreen with 65K colors which is standard for these range of phones. This phone however does have a card slot being a microSD with up to 32 GB and 2 GB included. The phone being very basic comes with 20MB of memory which is not much. The 2 MegaPixel camera is also basic being 1600 x 1200 pixels running at a low frame rate of 176×144@10fps.

If you are looking for a first phone then this is a good first phone for a young adult or child. Its sleek looking and falls almost into the same category as the Nokia 105 which is also a basic phone for a child and clearly Nokia has aimed their sights on the ‘first phone market’ with these options.

Whatsapp Nokia
WhatsApp for Nokia 309

You can download the Nokia 309 settings and Whatsapp for the mobile phone on the link above. Note however that Whatsapp will not be upgrading and supporting the older version after 2016 so you will need to consider an upgrade to your phone or use another messenger.

Nokia Asha 309

Nokia Asha 309

 Nokia Asha 309 Manual


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