Ooredoo Qatar USSD Codes

settingsThe Ooredoo Qatar USSD codes and how to check ooredoo balance as seen below. The Ooredoo balance check code in Qatar has its own USSD codes and using some of them do cost money. The APN settings for Ooredoo in Qatar has also been added to this websites and you can find it. Note that these are the latest USSD codes which you can find it below. The USSD codes cost is also added and these may no be up to date but they do rarely change. If you have any problems with the Ooredoo mobile phone network in Qatar then you should contact their help centre.

Ooredoo Qatar USSD Codes

Fast Credit

The Fast Credit lets you “borrow” Hala credit from the Ooredoo mobile phone service. When your  balance on your phone drops below QR 1 then Ooredoo will automatically send you an SMS and asking you if you want a “Fast Credit” of QR 5. You will need to reply with YES and it will credit your account. The charge for this is 1QR.


Voicemail is free and comes in 2 languages being English and Arabic. If you want to change the language on your Ooredoo voicemail then you need start  dialling *100*1# and select “change language”. This will change the voicemail into the language you wish to have. To listen to your voicemail messages on Ooredoo you will need to dial 123 from your mobile phone. Note however that you will be charged to leave a voicemail depending on your mobile phone plan. If you wish to disable voicemail the you simply need to dial *100*400# and deactivate.

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Caller ID

This is free and is already available on your plan.



Collect Calls

Simply dial *100# from your mobile and get access to following services:

  • For Hala users:
    Collect Call, Call Me Back, Call Back Roaming, Hala Top-up, Credit Transfer, and Balance Inquiry.
  • For Shahry users:
    Collect Call, Call Me Back, Call Back Roaming, and Credit Transfer.

Caller dials * 102 * recipient’s number # (The mobile phone number). Note that currently collect calls are charged at QR0.55/min. Check for the latest pricing on their website.



How to check Ooredoo balance

If you want to know how to check Ooredoo balance then see below. The ooredoo balance check code is easy to remember as well as the Ooredoo SIM number check code for Qatar.

  • To check your balance and validity enquiry press * 129 #
  • To check your bonus balance press * 129 * 2 #



Call Waiting and Holding

This service is free however you will need to activate the call waiting and holding.
  • To activate call waiting press: * 43 #
  • If you want to cancel call waiting press: * 43 #
  • To accept an incoming call while you are on a call press OK



Call Forward

Note that the service is pre-activated on this network. If you wish to cancel this service you can do this by dialling: #21#.

Call Me Back

Simply type: * 103 * mobile number #.

Credit Transfer

To send credit, simply dial *130*Recipient Hala number*Amount#

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