Aldi Talk USSD Codes

ussd codesThe Aldi Talk USSD codes have been added below. There are limited codes for the Aldi Talk network and they are not as expansive as the Vodafone USSD codes in Germany but also not as small as the USSD codes for Ring Germany. Search this website for more information on the use of the USSD codes in Germany. See the USSD code directory on this website.

Aldi Talk USSD codes

As you can see the USSD codes for ALDI Talk are very limited. There is the ability to check your balance and recharge your account. There is also a status check as well as a flat booking and cancellation.

* 100 #Check account balance
* 104 * recharge code #Charge the account with a prepaid card
30 days internet flatrate
* 123 #Status check
* 121 * 004 #Book a flat rate
* 122 #Cancel flat rate

The balance check USSD code is standard for most mobile phone operators. The recharge is also the same which allows you to use the USSD code to recharge your mobile phone. The other options are the 30 day internet flat rates with the ability to do a status check as well as the ability to cancel the flat rate. Search this website for more information on other USSD codes which you can also use.


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