Boost Mobile Australia APN Settings

MMS settingsThis is the Boost Mobile Australia APN settings. The telco operator Boost Mobile in Australia is one of many operators in Australia. You will note the APN settings for Boost Mobile as well as the MMS settings for Boost Mobile which has been added below. Boost Mobile is a well known prepaid operator in Australia and very popular with expats. You can see on the sidebar of this website how to insert the codes into your mobile phone if it is an iPhone, Android or Windows mobile phone.

Boost Mobile Australia APN Settings

Note that the following has to be enabled on your mobile phone:

Tap on Settings -> Cellular Data
Then tap Cellular Data then enable data
Tap APN Settings– >and Enter the following details

This will connect you to the network. Check the settings below which are easy to understand.

APN: telstra.wap
Username: Leave Blank
Password: Leave Blank
APN: telstra.mms
Username: Leave Blank
Password: Leave Blank
The MMS Proxy:
MMS Message Size: 524288
MMS UA Prof URL: blank













Note that there are a number of other operators in Australia. These include Bendigo Bank Telco as well as Optus Australia as well Boost Mobile Australia APN Settingsas Lycamobile Australia. You will find all their APN as well as MMS settings on this website. Simply use the search bar on the right-hand side of this website for more information and assistance. You can search this website for more information as you will be able to use all these settings to ensure you have a connection and can use not only the internet but also the MMS messages. There is also the Apex Telecom Australia APN settings. The other operators have also been added such as Optus as well as Bendigo and Lycamobile. If you have an Apple then see the Apple iPad Mini 3 user manual on this website.

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If you cannot find the solution then call the operator for assistance. This is very easy to add to your Android mobile phone as well as your Apple phone and Windows powered mobile phone.


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