Bendigo Bank Telco APN Settings

MMS settingsThese are the Bendigo Bank Telco APN settings for you. The company is located in  Bendigo, Victoria in Australia. You can find the APN settings as well as the MMS settings for Bendigo Bank Telco listed below. Note that you can see how to enter the settings into your mobile phone from this website by looking at the APN settings for Apple, APN settings for Android as well as the APN settings for Windows on this website. They are very easy to follow. Simply take the settings listed below and enter it into your phone as shown on this website.

Bendigo Bank Telco APN Settings

Note that we have listed the APN settings for both the Android as well as the Iphone on the Bendigo Bank settings. This will connect you to their network. If these do not work then call their service centre for assistance. The MMS settings have also been included in all the data below. Note the message size which is the largest that they allow over the network.

APN Settings IphoneThe APN Settings Android 
APN: connectName: Bendigo Bank Telco
Username: BlankThe APN: connect
Password: BlankProxy : Not Set
Port : Not Set
LTE Setup(Optional):Username : Not Set
Password :  Not Set
APN: BlankServer :  Not Set
Username: BlankMMSC : Not Set
Password: BlankThe MMS Proxy : Not Set
MMS:MMS Port : Not Set
APN : blankMCC : 505
Username: blankMNC :  02
Password: blankAuthentication Type : PAP
MMSC: blankAPN type : internet
The MMS Proxy: blankAPN protocol: Ipv4
MMS Message Size: 1048576Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled
MMS UA Prof URL: blankBearer: Unspecified
MVNO type : None
MVNO Value : Notset
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Bendigo Bank Telco APN SettingsYou can find a number of other Australian telco operators on this website as well as their MMS and APN settings. Bendigo Bank is one of many telco’s in Australia as there are others such as Optus Australia which can also be found on this website. You can find more information on this website as there are other mobile phone operators in Australia.


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