Nokia Lumia 822 User Manual

The Nokia Lumia 822 is in the top range of the high end of the market from Nokia. With 61 hours music play time we know that it is very efficient in using its battery considering it is powered by a Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor and a Snapdragon subsystem.

It also has a 8MP camera which is standard in the high end Nokia range of phone and also comes with 16GB storage built into the system. This is one of the better phones around but you can also see the Nokia Lumia 729 and also the Nokia Lumia 725 which are really great phone to own. Much like the above mention the 822 comes with 16GB built in memory and is one of those phone you will not regret owning. It comes with 2G, 3G and also 4G connectivity.

Its camera can also keep up with 1.2MP in video and overall this is the best phone Nokia has come to the market with to date. Just simply put a great phone and much better than the Samsung range of phones hand down! If there is one mobile phone you need to have — this is it!


Nokia Lumia 822

Nokia Lumia 822 User Manual

Nokia Lumia 822 User Manual





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