Internet Settings – Nokia 206

If you are having problems with a Nokia 206 you can use the settings below which should solve most issues with getting the internet on your Nokia 206. These mobile phone settings will work for most issues with the Nokia 206.

Internet Settings – Nokia 206

1.Tap the Menu / Navigation key (Middle button)
2.Choose Settings
3.Scroll down and choose Connectivity
4.Select Mobile Data
5.Using the left and right directional buttons, choose one of the empty Access Points
6.Press the down Navi key then the Select Navi key to choose Edit active access point.
7.Press Select Navi key to change the name
8.Press Select Navi key to save the new name
9.Press the down Navi key then the Select Navi key to choose Edit active access point.
10.Enter the access point as
11.Press Select Navi key to save the new APN.

Note that you will need to get the APN settings from your mobile phone provider. These need to be inserted at point 10 as above in the table. You can also find other settings for the Nokia 206 on this website such as the following:

Hard Reset the Nokia 206

Backup the Nokia 206

Nokia 206 user manual

WiFi Settings – Nokia 206

The Nokia 206 does not support WiFi. It does support Bluetooth and EDGE however there is no WiFi as you can see from the box listed above. You can find the Nokia 206 Bluetooth settings elsewhere on this website. It supports GPRS, EDGE and also Bluetooth. That’s about it. Search this website for more information on the Nokia range of mobile phones as well as their user manuals and settings guides.



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