Galaxy J6 – Memory Card

APN settingsThe following will work on the following Samsung Galaxy phones. These are the SM-J600 FSM, J600 FNSM, J600 GSM, J600GF/DSSM, J600F/DSSM-J600FN/DSSM as well as the J600G/DS modes of the mobile phone. Below you can see how to manage your memory card in the Samsung Galaxy J6. 

Galaxy J6 Memory CardGalaxy J6 – Remove the Memory Card

Much like your USB in your computer you will first need to unmount the card through the menu as you will damage the card if you remove the card before it is safe to remove. First you will need to unmount the card as follows:

  • Tap Settings;
  • Tap Device maintenance;
  • Tap Storage;
  • Tap Storage Settings;
  • Tap SD card;
  • Tap UNMOUNT.

Now you will have to insert the injection pin into the side of the phone so that you can remove the SD Card from the mobile phone.

Galaxy J6 – Formatting the memory card

You might have a new card and the formatting is not correct. Maybe the phone cannot read the card and you will now have to format the SD card in the Samsung Galaxy J6. In order to do this you will need to follow the instructions as listed below.

  • Tap Settings;
  • Tap Device maintenance;
  • Tap Storage;
  • Tap Storage settings;
  • Tap SD card;
  • Tap Format.

Ensure that you have made a backup of your card as once it has been formatted you will not be able to recover the data.


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