Nokia 7 Plus – WiFi Settings

The Nokia 7 Plus has WiFi settings as well as the Nokia 7 plus wifi problem which are very easy to understand as well as setting the data roaming to on or off. You can also look at other settings such as basic settings, fingerprint ID and dual SIM settings as can be seen on this website. The WiFi settings and data roaming has been added below.

Nokia 7 Plus – WiFi Settings

The Nokia 7 plus wifi problem is well known. You can see how to complete the settings again.

  • Tap Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi
  • Ensure that Wi-Fi networking is switched to On
  • Select your connection with the username and password

You can also check your data usage on the mobile phone. You will do it the following way:

  • Tap Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage

Also you can stop all roaming by using the following settings on the Nokia 7 Plus:

  • Tap Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network
  • Switch Roaming off

You can search this website for other settings which may be of interest to you.

These are all issues with settings. The Nokia 216 internet settings is well explained. There is the usual Nokia 7 plus wifi problem which means to check your settings again. There is also the Nokia 501 keypad setup. There is also the Nokia mobile Bluetooth issues. See also the Nokia 225 language settings issues. The Nokia memory full delete some data is another.

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