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Can I set additional language on Nokia 225

The Nokia 225 normally has only 7 languages installed on the phone. This is normally done on a per country bases. If your phone was designated for sale in America then don’t expect to have Shona on the mobile phone. You could change this before however it is best done at a mobile store as the phone needs to have new firmware installed.

The firmware holds the language pack so if you wish to change your language which is not listed then you will need to have a firmware installed for the region where you live. Before you could do this yourself with a Recovery Tool which is no longer available as Microsoft has shut down API access for the older Nokia phones.

Change Default Language

If you have the language listed on your phone then you can change the default language from English to something else which is listed on your phone. Go to Settings then Profiles and see the language. Scroll down three one down click choose and check a language.

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