Keyboard & Language Settings : Nokia Asha 501

Hard ResetThese are the Keyboard & Language Settings : Nokia Asha 501. Certain languages need their own keyboards as the lettering is different. You can do this by adding the keyboard type as explained below. Once the keyboard layout of the Nokia Asha 501 has been added you will then need to know how to switch the keyboard when needed. See the explanation below for more information on how to add a keyboard for your language and how to switch this when sending a message.

Keyboard & Language : Nokia Asha 501

Adding a keyboard

You can add the keyboard as follows on your Nokia 501 mobile phone

Presssettings Writing settings > Add keyboards

Adding a language

You can add the language to your Asha 501 mobile phone.

Press > settings Writing settings > Add keyboards and the language.

Note: If you wish to change language or keyboard then you will need to Swipe left or right on the space key.


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