Set SIM card – Asha 200


This is the Set SIM card – Asha 200. The Asha 200 mobile phone has a dual SIM configuration and you will need to first insert the SIM cards into the phone before you change any of the settings. You can insert the second SIM without turning off the mobile phone and you can see from the pictures below how this gets done. There is also the Asha 200 WiFi settings added to this website for you to add to your Asha 200 mobile phone.

Set SIM card – Asha 200

asha 200 dual sim Unlike other mobile phones which have a dual SIM option you will note that the Asha 200 dual SIM has one SIM in the inside of the mobile phone. The second SIM gets inserted from the side of the mobile phone. The first SIM you will need to lift the bracket and insert the SIM with the gold contacts showing. Then press it close and shift the bracket up to lock the SIM in place. The side SIM card however has a cover over the SIM slot and you pull this out and insert the SIM into the side of the mobile phone. You will note on the side of the mobile phone it says SIM 2.

Insert he SIM and close the SIM cover which swings closed. Simply press it closed to lock the cover in place.

Set which SIM card to use

You can now set which SIM card in your phone to use for outgoing calls or messages. These are one of the great benefits of the Asha 200 and the dual SIM option.  If you name your SIM cards in your mobile phone then you can see which SIM is used for personal calls and which one is for business calls. Setting this up is easy enough.

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asha 200 SIM-manager-key
SIM Manager Key

See the instruction below as to how to name and change your SIM cards in your Asha 200. Note the SIM key on the mobile phone.


  • Press the SIM manager key.
  • Select SIM1 or SIM2.

To be prompted to select a SIM card before, for example, making a call or sending a text message, select Ask every time.

  • Rename a SIM card
  • Select Options > Rename.

With this in place you can now use the SIM cards based on their names which makes it very easy to remember which SIM is for which calls.


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