Nokia 216 Internet Settings

The Nokia 216 internet settings are shown below. You will need to see how to insert the internet settings into your Nokia 216 mobile phone. These are your APN settings which you will need and you can find these with the search function on the side of this website. See below how to do this and see the APN settings for your country which is also on this website. This is also how you insert the MMS settings on your Nokia 216. The Nokia 216 MMS settings are also listed on this website for your country or region.

Nokia 216 Internet Settings

The Nokia 216 internet settings are shown below so follow the process and insert these into your mobile phone.

Nokia 216 Internet Settings

  • Firstly press the the Menu button to start the process.
  • Click on Settings and Click the Center Button
  • Click on Connectivity and Click the Center Button
  • Now Click on Mobile Data and Click the Center Button again
  • Click on Mobile Data again and Click the Center Button
  • Then Click on Access Point and Click the Center Button again
  • Keep the Cursor on Access Point and Select Options
  • Press Edit and then Press Choose
  • Enter the APN configuration
  • Move the Cursor to Advanced Settings.
  • Complete the internet settings
  • Then save and complete.


You can find the different APN settings on this website. You will have to use the search function to find your country and insert the APN settings where it says ‘APN configuration’ as well as Advanced settings as shown above. Once this is set then your will be able to access the internet on your Nokia 216 mobile phone. The APN settings above are listed as Asia, Europe, Africa and the US. Most of the APN settings are there so search the website for more information.

The “Center Button” as you can see in the picture is the large button in the middle. The screen shows options on the bottom left of the screen. You will need to use these buttons on the left and right of the large button to move the cursor to where you want it and then Click with the large button. Much like it is the select button on your mobile phone. The Nokia 216 is still a very popular mobile phone in the second hand market. See the APN settings for Airtel if you are from Sri Lanka or Vodaphone APN settings if  you are from India. See also the Nokia 216 MMS settings on this website with the same process as above.

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