WIFI on Nokia Asha 302 settings

mobile phoneThese are the WIFI on Nokia Asha 302 settings for your mobile phone. If you wish to setup your WiFi on your Nokia Asha 302 then the following would be the easiest to do. Note that you can download the user manual on this website for more information and know-how. The Nokia 302 user manual is located on this website here.

WIFI on Nokia Asha 302 settings

If you wish to setup WiFi on the Nokia 302 then you simple need to follow these simple instructions. The phone is still very popular on the second hand phone market. You can also read the full user manual on this website if you are looking for additional settings and assistance.


Settings tiny-arrow-right-double-256 configuration tiny-arrow-right-double-256enter tiny-arrow-right-double-256

Delete default configuration of your service provider tiny-arrow-right-double-256

Go to personal settings tiny-arrow-right-double-256 options tiny-arrow-right-double-256 add new tiny-arrow-right-double-256

Access point tiny-arrow-right-double-256 enter tiny-arrow-right-double-256 add new tiny-arrow-right-double-256

Web tiny-arrow-right-double-256 enter



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