Nokia Lumia 520 Settings

mobile phone settingsThese are the Nokia Lumia 520 settings, the basic settings for the Nokia Lumia 520 mobile phone. You can see the user manual for the Nokia 520 on this website. The settings below is mainly the internet settings and also the WiFi settings on the phone as well as roaming. You can also use the user manual for the phone which is listed on this very website.

Nokia Lumia 520 Settings

Save on data roaming costs

Mobile phone roaming can cost loads of money so you always want to use WiFi where possible as most hotspots are free as well as WiFi routers at home becoming the norm. These are the instructions for the settings on your mobile phone.

On the start screen, swipe left, and tapic_settings_48px-128 Settings.

  • 1. Tap WiFi.
  • 2. Make sure WiFi networking is switched to On .
  • 3. Select the connection you want to use.

Close a mobile data connection

Tap mobile network, and switch Data connection to off.


How to stop data roaming

You will need to Tap mobile network, and switch Data roaming options to don’t roam.


Internet sharing settings

On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Settings > internet sharing.

2. Switch Sharing to On.

3. To change the name of your connection, tap setup > Broadcast name, and write a name.

You can also type in a password for the connection.



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