Insert the SIM and memory card – Nokia 630

The Nokia 630 mobile phone is easy to use as you will note from the Lumia 630 user manual. Note below how to install the SIM as well as the memory card in the mobile phone. These are the very basics for using the Nokia Lumia 630 mobile phone. Search this website for more information on this mobile phone and it settings. You will also note how to backup the Lumia 630 as well as internet connection settings for the Nokia Lumia 630 as well on this website.

Insert the SIM and memory card – Nokia 630

Sim Types: Note that the Nokia Lumia 620 uses a micro-SIM card, which is also known as a mini-UICC SIM card. If you do use an incompatible SIM card, or even use a SIM card adapter, these could very well damage the card or the mobile phone and may also corrupt all your data stored on the card.

Danger : Always turn off the Lumia 630 and disconnect the charger before removing any covers.

Insert the SIM and memory card - Nokia 630

When you open the mobile phone you do not need a screwdriver. The back opens with a peel effect and you pull it from the top to pull off the back cover of the mobile phone. Pull out the battery from the top by peeling the battery back to remove the battery from the mobile phone. The microSD card is at the top and the SIM card is at the bottom. 

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