Nokia 520 Bluetooth Settings

These are the Nokia 520 Bluetooth Settings. The Bluetooth settings for the Nokia 520 is important if you wish to transfer your phone book from an old phone to the new phone. You can find the settings in the user manual but also below. The settings are easy to do.

Unlike the WiFi settings which can reach at a longer distance. Bluetooth will only operate close to Bluetooth devices. It normally does not go further than 10 meters at most. For security reason never pair with or accept connection requests from an unknown device.

Nokia 520 Bluetooth Settings

1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap settSettings > Bluetooth;

2. Switch Status to On bluetooth;

3. Make sure the other device is On;

4. The devices are now paired.

You can now the Bluetooth connection. Today you can use this to transfer your phone book from one device to another or exchange photos and video with the other device. You can also connect a Bluetooth headset with the phone.



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