Asha 200 – Making & Diverting Calls

settingsThe Asha 200 – Making & Diverting Calls is explained here. You can also see how we will show you how to make calls, see the missed calls and also how to divert calls on the Asha 200 mobile phone. The Asha 200 has other settings which you can see on this website such as the Asha 200 WiFi settings, backing up the Asha 200 as well as the Asha SIM settings and the main article can be found under the Asha mobile phone settings also on this website. There are other settings added which you can use the search bar on the side to find.

Note that the Asha 200 call diverting has already been added to this website and missed call and other call functions have been added below.

Make a call on the Asha 200

  • Enter the phone number on the home screen;
  • Also if you want to delete a number, select Clear.
  • If you make a call, press the Call Key;
  • If prompted, select the SIM card to use (See: Dual SIM Asha 200)
  • To end the telephone call simply press the End Key.

Note that when you receive a telephone call, the SIM card in use is indicated. This will be when there is more than one SIM installed in your phone. Depending on how you setup the Dual SIM on the Asha 200 it could be a personal call or a business call if you setup your mobile phone for home and business with separate telephone numbers with the 2 SIM cards.

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View your missed calls on Asha 200

If you had missed calls then it will show on the screen of the phone. You can simply click on View if the person is in your address book then you can see their name as listed in your phones address book. The missed calls are supported by most mobile phone networks. Simply press on the number and the phone will allow you to call back the number or person. Press the number and the Call Key on your Asha 200. You can also look at a list of missed calls by doing the following:

Select Menu > Contacts > Log and Missed calls.

Last dialled number

If you wish to call the last number again then this is rather simple on the phone. On the home screen of the phone simply press the Call Key. Then go to the number, and press the Call Key. If you have a dual SIM setup then it will prompt you to select the SIM card to use.

Add Contacts to Asha 200 address book

You can add contact to the address book in the Asha 200. The process is very easy and it is shown below.

  • Select Menu > Contacts.
  • Select Add new, and enter the number and name.
  • If prompted, select where to save the contact.
  • Add or Edit the details of a contact

1 Select Names and a contact.
2 Select Options > Add detail.

You can also add special ringtones for each number as well as a picture so that when the person calls the specific ringtone and picture will show on the phone when it is ringing.

  • Select the contact and Options > Add
  • Detail > Multimedia.
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The multimedia options are very easy to add to your contact as show above.

Adding Speed Dial to the Asha 200

With speed dial you will only need to press a number on your keypad to call a specific number. The Voice Mail is normally already installed as #1. You can add more contact speed dials as #2 and further down. You can follow the instructions below for more information.

Select Menu > Contacts > More > Speed dial.

You will need to assign a phone number to a number key

  • Go to a Number key, and select Assign. (You cant use #1)
  • Enter a number or search for the contact.

How to remove or change a phone number assigned to a number key

  • Go to the number key, and select Options > Delete or Change.

How to make a call with Speed Dial

On the home screen, press and hold the number key.

How to deactivate speed dialling

Select Menu > Settings and Call > Speed dialling > Off

Send your contact information (Business Card)

Select Menu > Contacts and Names

1 Select the contacts list entry that contains your information.
2 Select Options > More > Business card and the sending type.

Save a received business card

Select Show > Save.

Call Diverting can be found here


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