Galaxy J6 – Changing the language

APN settingsIf you wish to change the language or change the keyboard of the Samsung J6 then the following will do it for you. The settings are easy to understand just simply follow the instructions as they are listed below. See also the other options with this mobile phone from Samsung.

Galaxy J6 – Changing the language

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Galaxy J6 – Changing the language

You can change the language of the J6 as follows:

  • Tap Settings; (wheel)
  • Tap Languages and types;

Changing the keyboard

  • Tap Settings;
  • Tap General management;
  • Tap Language and input;
  • Tap Show Keyboard button switch to activate it.

Once this is done there will now be a keyboard to switch over. Sometimes you dont need to do this as the keyboard as already been activated. Some phones will not need that step as listed above.

  • Tap Languages and types
  • Tap select a language
  • Tap select the keyboard type

You can check the other settings on this website by typing it into the sidebar of this website to find extra settings that you might be looking for the Samsung J6 mobile phone.

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