LG USB Device Drivers

See the LG USB Device drivers here. If you are going to install the software from LG being the LG PC Suite then you usually need to install the USB driver software on your computer. Note that there are different drivers for your LG as Verizon has its own drivers which have been listed below. If you are not certain how to complete this then go back to the mobile phone store and allow them to install the software for you.

LG USB Device Drivers


The most common issue with the LG is that you need to change the settings on your mobile phone first:

On the phone — > Settings-General —> Set the phone to MTP

The above is normally the most common issue when people cannot connect the phone with the software. They need to change the settings on their mobile phone for it to work.

icon_alertIf you are using Windows XP then note that the MTP driver is not installed by default on the computer. If you do however have Windows Player 10 installed then it might be installed but there is no guarantee that it was installed. So if you have Windows XP then you need to install the MTP driver first.  Windows 7 normally has it installed however not in the “N” version of the software.

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Installing the LG USB Device Drivers

First off, if you’re wondering how to install the LG USB Driver v4.8.0, it’s pretty straightforward. You start by downloading the .exe file. Then, you install the driver on your computer. It’s interesting to note that the installation process is quite similar to installing a standard Windows Application. For detailed steps, you can follow the ‘How to install LG USB Driver’ page to make sure you install the drivers correctly.

Next, you might be curious if the LG USB Driver v4.8.0 is free. Well, the good news is, yes, it is! The LG community officially releases it for LG Mobile users, and it’s 100% free.

Moving on to safety, you might also be concerned about whether the LG USB Driver v4.8.0 is safe. Rest assured, it’s 100% safe for computers, laptops, and LG devices. Plus, since the LG community officially releases the driver, it’s safe and secure to use on your computer.

Now, if you’re looking for the original LG Firmware (Stock ROM), you can head over to the LG Firmware page. See also the Lycamobile Australia APN Settings as well as the LG AKA Manual and LG AKA Manual on here.

The LG USB Driver v4.8.0 has some cool features. It allows you to connect your LG Smartphone and Tablets to the Windows Computer and transfer data between the computer and the LG device. In addition, it also allows you to sync data between the device and the computer, back up your existing data or restore the data on the LG device.

There are several circumstances when you might need to install the LG driver to connect the computer. They include transferring data from the LG device to the computer or the device, freeing up the device space, installing the Stock Firmware (OS) on the device, and writing/flashing IMEI on the Device.

Finally, to download the LG USB Driver v4.8.0, you can click on the ‘Download’ button.  Likewise see also the articles on this website about the Samsung Wave 525 Software as well as the Samsung Galaxy A9 (Basic Settings).


Note the latest LG USB drivers.



LG USB Device Drivers 

Last Version: 4.8.0

Download LG USB Drivers Ver.4.0.4

Update : March 2016

Drivers For Verizon Wireless LG devices

LG VZW United WHQL v2.7.1.exe

Note that this was the last driver released for the Verizon wireless mobile phones.

Download LG United Mobile Driver 3.8.1

LGUnitedMobileDriver ML_WHQL_Ver_3.8.1.exe

Note that this was the last driver released for the LG mobile phone. This LG United Mobile drivers Ver. 3.8.1 works on all computers running Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7. See also how to Hard Reset LG G3.

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