Sony PC Companion

Hard ResetThis is the Sony PC Companion for download. If you have an Xperia mobile phone then you will need to make a backup of the mobile phone if you are going to sell the phone. Below are the basics for the Xperia PC Backup which you can download in below from the Sony website. This is good to do if you are going to factory reset your Xperia phone or Sony mobile phone before selling it.

Backup your Xperia Phone:

You will need to download the software below and install the software. Once the Sony PC Companion or also known as the Xperia PC companion is installed you can now connect to your mobile phone. You will need to turn on the phone and click on “Backup & Restore”. You can see this in the picture below.

Note that it is always best to ensure that you mobile phone is fully charged before you start your backups. Most times these backups tend to lead to a hard reset as well as a restoring of the content back on to the phone. Having a dead battery before a factory reset is not going to end well.

Tou can search this website for more information about the Xperia phone and how to backup and restore it once you have wiped the contents of the mobile phone.

Xperia Backup Companion

The next screen you will see is this interface below. Click the button “Backup” in the middle. (You can tap “Settings”, and decide how long a backup should be created.). Its very easy.

Sony PC Companion

The next screen are all the options for what you wish to backup.

Sony PC Companion

Once you click next the backup will begin. It takes a while to complete depending on how much data you have on your mobile phone.  The next screen will then appear.

Sony PC Companion

Then the final screen and we are done.

Xperia PC Companion

Operating System - Apple MacSony PC Companion – Apple

MetroUI-Folder-OS-OS-Windows-iconSony PC Companion – Windows



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