Asha 200 – Copy Contacts or Pictures

settingsThis is how to use the Asha 200 – Copy Contacts or Pictures options. There are a number of ways to copy your contacts and data from one phone to another especially when you want to factory reset your mobile phone. Most times the data can be backed up onto the SDCard and move the content in this way. Another way to move or copy data on the Asha 200 is to use the Bluetooth connection. Below you will find the instructions for this.

Asha 200 – Copy Contacts & Photos

You will first need to activate Bluetooth on both phones.

  • Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth and On.
  • Select Menu > Settings > Sync and backup.
  • Select Phone switch > Copy to this.
  • Now Select the content to copy and Done.
  • Select your previous phone from the list.

Should the other mobile phone require a password then enter the password. Note that the password you can define yourself and must be entered into both mobile phones. The password in some mobile phones are fixed. Also note that the password is valid only for the current connection. If prompted, allow connection and copying files.

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