Iphone 5S Internet Settings

This is the Iphone 5S Internet Settings. Below you will find the most common internet settings from the Iphone 5S user manual or iPhone charges. You will need to follow the instructions below which are easy to read and use as the 5S Iphone is a very easy mobile phone to use. We cover network settings as well as some of the other regular tasks that people tend to need everyday on the website.

Iphone 5S Internet Settings

Connect the Iphone 5S to Wi-Fi

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi

Choose a network (WiFi connections show)

Iphone 5S Internet SettingsIf you are going to use an open network then you will only need to click join as there will be no lock sign next to the name of the network. If you wish to connect the phone to a closed network such as your home network then you will need to know the following – network name, security type, and password (if required). Most times you will see your home network listed and you will only need to click on connect and type in the password and username when asked.

Connect the Iphone 5S to the Internet (Cellular)

If there is no WiFi the phone might use the mobile phone network and this will incur data charges. You can click on Settings and click on Cellular. There is a few options as follows:

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Turn Voice Roaming on or off (CDMA): This turns off the voice roaming when your network is not available. Charges across networks can be very expensive.

Turn Data Roaming on or off: This will turn data roaming off when your network is not available. Data charges across networks tends to be very expensive when overseas.

Enable or disable 3G: You can disable the 3G when it is not available in your area as it uses more battery power even when not in use. Its a good way to make the battery last when the 3G network is not available. The The hard reset iPhone 5c or factory reset iPhone 5c is also on this website. Also the Koryolink Korea APN settings here.


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